Mediacentrale Groningen


In Groningen the municipality of Groningen asked SIG Real Estate to investigate if and where SIG might find a proper new location for the regional broadcasting company, RTV Noord.The fantastic old building then, right behind the Martinitower in the city center of Groningen, did not comply with the advanced technology demands in radio and television of the company anymore. At the same time, the old Hunzecentrale at the Europapark was nominated to be demolished. The concept Mediacentrale was born. Since the concept of Media, New Media and ICT was mixed throughout all parts of the project, The building reached a yield of 95%, and therefore a commercial success within 18 months after realization of the project. Not only the 95% filling of the building with tenants, also the fact that the Mediacentrale had a lot of publicity through the number of important congresses and seminars, made it to a huge success. For more information: